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Cars are like clothing. They make you feel a certain way when you are in them and convey an image to the world. To many, they are an extension of who you are—whether it’s fashionable or not. Driving a big truck or beat-up old car could be the equivalent to wearing sweat pants and T-shirt, whereas driving a fancy luxury vehicle feels like you should be wearing a tux or evening gown. Of course, people buy cars with function in mind, but we all like to look good while doing our chores.

So what does your car say about you? Here’s a clue.

Small Car: Prius, Honda Civic, Smart Car
According to a study by researchers, small car drivers are more pro-environmental and prefer higher density neighborhoods than drivers of others types of cars. This isn’t surprising; if you live in a big city, it’s simply easier to park with a small car and if you’re concerned about the environment, you’ll want something that’s more fuel-efficient. Small car drivers, unlike other categories of drivers, don’t necessarily see their cars as a ticket to freedom. They aren’t workaholics or status seekers who try to display wealth. They want to reliable, eco-friendly car and find a parking spot.

Mid-Sized Car: Chevrolet Sedan
Researchers claim “mid-sized car drivers have no distinct travel attitude, personality, lifestyle, mobility, or travel-liking characteristics.” Ouch! Does that mean they’re totally boring? Maybe, or maybe just pragmatic, or maybe they got their cars as a hand-me-down.

Luxury Cars: Mercedes Benz, Lexus
Those who drive luxury cars are—no surprise—status seekers; they also are more apt to drive long distances. In psychographic lingo, the “achievers”—profit-oriented workaholics who like being independent—are also likely to drive luxury cars and/or sports cars.
Sports Cars: BMW, Porsches
Those who are adventure seekers drive sports cars. Some of these may fall into the category of “emulator”—younger, financially unstable, low self-esteem people who buy flashy cars that aren’t true sports or luxury cars to try to emulate achievers.

In the study, minivan drivers tended to be calm and weren’t loners. They enjoyed traveling in their car; they were more likely to live in the suburbs and surprise, surprise, have children.

Pickup drivers don’t like high-density living situations. They tend to be workaholics, be full-time employees, have service related jobs, and be middle-income.

SUV drivers, in particular, also liked to travel short distances in their non-eco-friendly cars. They were more likely to be suburbanites and came from larger households that were more likely to have children.

Whatever the model you drive, it conveys your personality and perhaps even shapes it. Cars also convey status, suggesting wealth, importance, or a practical nature.

Does the vehicle you drive say something about you?

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