World Guinness Record Takes Parallel Parking Skills to a Whole New Level

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Watch this video, you’ll be amazed!

Penske Automotive Group knows that mastering parallel parking can be a challenge and we understand way. Recent polls have shown that roughly 1 in 3 people can’t successfully parallel park on their first attempt.  On July 14 the blog at Penske Automotive Group Social Network provided a few tips.  We realize parallel parking is a skill that requires practice. Even the most experienced drivers sometimes tap bumpers or cause nasty scratches.

Yep. We found it pretty impressive too, considering the driver fit his car in a space just 10.24 inches longer than the vehicle.

This World Guinness Record takes parallel parking skills to a whole new level.  In the case of this attempt one centimeter made all the difference between a prime parking job and an embarrassing accident.

You can’t help but cringe when you watch this German driver come so close to smashing his Volkswagen Polo and the car behind them. The record was previously 27 cm.  Interestingly, once YouTube got this published, record broken by Chinese TV show with a car squeezing into a space just 24 centimeters bigger than the vehicle itself.

Thanks in part to its small size, the VW Polo was the perfect vehicle to demonstrate this snug parking maneuver.  This parking maneuver is impressive. Now, how to get out?

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