Women in Automotive 2018

Penske Automotive Group is proud to have female leaders at every level of the organization. From Service Advisors and Sales Managers to General Managers and Fixed Operations Directors, the retail automotive industry offers women an exciting place to forge a career. Beyond the numbers, this is about unleashing the power of our people and utilizing their unique talents, experiences, and backgrounds to create an engaging work environment and world-class operation. Every Wednesday for the next four weeks, we will feature a female leader from the Penske organization who is empowering women in the automotive industry and paving the road for the next generation of female leaders. From their earliest interest in the industry to their proudest moments, you’ll learn how these women got their start, who influenced them the most, and how they are helping change the face of the industry in positive ways. Check back next week as we add another Featured Female Leader to the series.

Featured Female Leader: Shelley Hulgrave – Vice President and Corporate Controller

“Good peers, leadership you respect and a supportive home life are crucial to success in a career”

Shelley Hulgrave has been with Penske Automotive Group for 12 years and currently serves as the Corporate Controller. Continuing to grow in her career and being promoted to Controller, while being able to prioritize both family and career, has been one of her proudest achievements. Shelley advises young women considering a career in automotive industry to “identify strong mentors early in your career and stay close with them. Most importantly, be confident in your abilities. Your strengths will carry you in times of uncertainty.” Shelley offered her view on how the automotive industry landscape has changed and evolved to engage more women. “Penske is a great example of squashing the notion that the automotive industry isn’t a place for women,” she says. “Our company has focused on hiring more women, and is a great example of women empowering other women”. What is the best career advice she ever received? “I was once told that people are happiest in their careers when they trust their leadership to guide the organization.” When asked who has had the biggest influence on her career, Shelley recalled several people. “A lot of great mentors, peers, and family members have influenced and supported me in my career. Right out of college, I was formally assigned a mentor at my first job and she initially helped me navigate my first year in that company. Throughout my career, she has continued to provide advice and modeled herself as a great professional and working mom. Since then, I have been extremely fortunate with the support of my leadership and my team at Penske. I also have a supportive husband who helps with the everyday balance of work and family.” Looking ahead five years, Shelley noted that the automotive industry is expecting a lot of change. “I hope to continue supporting those changes and our company from a finance and personnel perspective, as well as continue to grow and learn both as a person and a professional.”

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