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Do you think our roads already resemble a survivalist obstacle course? Get ready for 2025, when an estimated 40 million baby boomers will clog the left lanes of America, blinkers flashing, one foot trembling over the brake. Boomers are expected to live longer with better health overall than their predecessors, meaning more of them will be confident about driving greater distances and clutching their car keys well into their golden years.

The older drivers get, the bigger the risk they pose. Though motorists older than 70 years old drive far less frequently than other age groups, they already account for an outsize proportion of fatalities, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The death rate per mile traveled for drivers over 85 is four times that of the 30-59 age group. The only group more dangerous than senior citizens is teenagers.

Still, older drivers currently tend to be safer because they drive less frequently than younger ones, and self-regulate by not driving at night or avoiding freeways because they realize they have trouble judging speed and distances.

We at Penske Automotive realize this is a very controversial topic.  Driving is a symbol of independence, but as always we want our drivers to be safe.

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