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The color of your car reveals a lot about you: your personality, your moods, and even how satisfied you are with your life.

Yes, your fiery orange-red sports car says exactly what you think it does: you’re sexy, speedy, high-energy, and dynamic. Before you go out to one of the Penske dealerships, here are some things you should take into consideration about the color of your next vehicle:

The ultimate power color, black is a popular choice for the self-assured.  People who drive black cars want to be taken seriously and have a mysterious quality about them.


If conservatism had a logo, it would be blue.  This color signifies accomplishment, devotion and introspection.  Those who prefer blue know how to earn money and are probably successful.


Earthy tones are generally preferred by people who are unpretentious.  They are stable, reliable and shrewd.  People who choose brown have a strong sense of responsibility.


Gray car drivers seek security and are generally sober-minded. They are often described as reasonable, agreeable and helpful, and they don’t like to make waves.


Green vehicles have enjoyed immense popularity throughout the ’90s.  Green symbolizes nature, balance and normality, and those who prefer green are generally well-adjusted, civilized and suburban.


The color of royalty, purple is the choice for those with above-average tastes but who may be a little vain and temperamental.  Those who like purple usually are fond of the arts.


Although opinionated and generally confident, drivers of red cars are given to emotional ups and downs.  When you encounter a red car on the highway, keep in mind that those people can be aggressive and impulsive.


The most popular car color, it is a frequent choice of the compulsively neat, critical, detail-minded motorists who are cautious and prefer white’s highly visible, therefore safer, factor.

So what color of car do you drive?

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