Watch out for That Biker! How to Avoid Cyclist Collisions

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With the warm weather and the growing popularity of triathlons events there are many avid bicyclists and runners are on the street getting into shape and enjoying the great outdoors.  This means as a driver you have to be more cautious because you are sharing the road with not only cars. There are over 90,000,000 cyclists in the U. S. and over 30,000,000 adult cyclists. In any given year we can expect 800 – 1000 cyclists to die on our roadways while some 500,000 will be treated for injuries. In fact, the first automobile accident in the United States occurred when a motor vehicle crashed into a pedal cycle rider in New York City in 1896!  While it can be frustrating to share the road, here are three tips from Penske Automotive Group to keep yourself, your fellow bicyclists and runners safe on the road:

1. Drive Defensively
When you are stressed and stuck in traffic, the last thing you may want to deal with is a bicyclists or runner on the street, but remember, as a driver in your car, you should always yield to runners and bicyclists because even an accident at very low speeds can cause significant injuries.

2. Avoid Distractions
Since bikers and runners are more mobile than cars, they may appear in your lane without much warning. Keeping your eyes on the road and refraining from using your cell phone is the best way to avoid an accident.

3. Avoid Road Rage
While it can be tempting to take your aggression out on that bicyclists or runner, maintaining your composure and avoiding conflict is the best way to handle any problems. Take a deep breath, regroup your thoughts and pull over, in order to calm down before you resume driving.

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