Volvo’s New Concept You Utilizes Innovative Touch Pad Technology

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Volvo revealed their Concept You at start of the Frankfurt Motor Show, and the new design has raised eyebrows – and questions – among auto enthusiasts and everyday drivers alike.

The goal of Volvo’s Concept You is to simplify the car’s interior, and dashboard in particular, while developing a sleek, clean design. In doing so, they have developed a car that leaps forward and introduces the next step in automobile evolution by utilizing smart pad technology and connecting drivers with the Internet.

The technology certainly is innovative. In Concept You, Volvo has wiped away the traditional car interior and replaced it with their control center, which consists of four interfaces throughout the cabin, one of which can be found right behind the steering wheel. Eye sensors detect when the driver looks down at the display, and the screen lights up, allowing drivers to see a variety of necessary information, like fuel, speed, etc, and also other helpful things, like a navigation map.

The control center interfaces are all touch screen; nowhere in this console will you find any knobs or buttons. Many have already raised the point that while those knobs and buttons might not look so pretty, they serve an important tactile function that allows drivers to press buttons while keeping their eyes on the road. With no tactile interface, will drivers be able to stay safe on the road? And while we’re on the subject, more questions can be asked about whether a driver should be fiddling with his car’s console if he should be focused on the road.

With that in mind, it is important to remember that the Concept You is just that – a concept car. It is a design meant to inspire future models, and in fact has no engine itself as it’s just an idea, and not in production.

The screen behind the dashboard is a needed improvement and helps keeps drivers focused forwards, instead of constantly turning their heads to see their GPS. Furthermore, only passengers will be able to use most of the extra connectivity features while the car is in motion.

The Concept You’s fascinating new features offer an exciting look at what cars of the future might look like. The integration of the Internet with touch screen technology is a bold move. Should we be connected to the Internet in our car? What are your thoughts?

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