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If you couldn’t tell by the heat wave we have been facing, Summer is here and so is convertible season. If you’ve never driven a convertible, do yourself a favor and rent one for the weekend. You’ll discover what millions of convertible owners have known for years — nothing beats an open air experience.

We at Penske feel everyone should have a convertible in their driveway at one time of their life or another. Here are our top reasons to cruise around town with the top down.

1. No more blind spots- 360 degrees of unobstructed visibility.
2. Multitasking at its best- who else can sun bath while commuting.
3. Top down equals instant good mood.

4. For those giants out there a convertible offers unlimited headroom.
5. A convertible gives you entry/escape options.

6. Eliminates the excuse “I locked my keys in the car.”

7. Optimizes star gazing and bird watching while driving along – for your passengers that is.

8. A convertible are romantic.
9. Convertibles are fun.
10. Convertibles offer instant hair dryer feature.

Each Penske Automotive Group dealership has several models of convertible on the lot.  Stop by and take a test drive today.

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