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In America, tailgating is almost as old as organized sports. The pregame party is an honored tradition, as much a part of the fall season as NFL kickoff and college football. The season for tossing around the pigskin and gorging yourself on pig products in the shadow of stadiums is here, and in that spirit Penske Automotive Group has identified the best vehicles for serious tailgating.

2011 Dodge Ram- Pickup trucks are great for tailgating, because no matter which one you buy, a hefty dose of flat, versatile storage comes standard. As if that isn’t enough, almost every pickup ever built sports a horizontal tailgate to sit, stand, drink or cook on. This pick up offers locked storage bins in the bed that can store 240 12oz cans with ice plus the interior can be outfitted with in-floor bins that can be filled with more cold stuff as well as rear under-seat compartments for any other party favors. Combined with a big bed for chairs, grills, canopies and everything else that goes into a deluxe pre-game party, the Ram is an excellent options.

2012 Airstream Interstate 3500– The German’s know what they are doing; the Mercedes-Benz Airstream Interstate 3500 is a durable party machine. This 22-foot-long, diesel-powered motor home is like any other motor home. Imagine pulling up to stadium towing up 5,000 pounds, with you and seven of your friends. The van offers great maneuvering, a kitchen, a bathroom, a convertible seating area and German quality.

2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee- Whether you’re into Eagles, Tigers, Bulldogs or Panthers, the outdoorsy SUV is awesome for showing up early and supporting your team and having a great time. The Grand Cherokee offers seating for five fans, plus a wide-mouthed rear hatch and fold-flat second row for the cooler, chairs and barbecue. Plus if you need dance party at your tailgate the Jeep has 10-speaker, 506-watt that has mass appeal.

2011 Honda Odyssey- Minivans are the unsung heroes of the tailgating world, and no minivan is better suited to revelry than the Honda Odyssey. Honda’s working-class hero offers a versatile interior, excellent build quality, 15 cup and bottle holders and a deployable trash-bag holder. It also features the road manners of a much smaller machine. If you have to haul a family but still need to get your pregame throw down on, this is your vehicle.

2012 MINI Countryman- Size counts for a lot in tailgating, but not everyone wants to drive the Goodyear blimp into a stadium parking lot. MINI’s 4-door, all-wheel-drive crossover is small and nimble squeezing through stadium traffic, but it offers four comfortable seats, a wide tailgate and a folding rear row. The end result is a tiny tailgating terror, a car as entertaining to drive to the game as it is to party around while waiting for the opening kickoff.

The “perfect” tailgating ride isn’t the same for everyone, but the right tailgating vehicle can make all the difference in their pre- and post-game festivities. Stop by Penske Automotive Group and find your perfect tailgating vehicle for the 2011-12 football season.

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