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What are some of the toughest things and most frightening things that a driver can do? You may be thinking of merging onto the freeway, but that’s not it. You may be thinking of driving in heavy traffic, but that’s not it either. I’m referring to the dreaded task of parallel parking.

Recent polls have shown that roughly 1 in 3 people can’t successfully parallel park on their first attempt. Surveys have highlighted that about 43 percent of female drivers believe that their parallel parking ability is “fair” or “poor,” compared to 21 percent of male drivers.

Can you parallel park smoothly? Or do you avoid parallel parking at all costs?

To learn and improve your parallel parking skills, watch the video below. You may be surprised at how simple and effective these parallel parking tips are.

Good luck from your friends at Penske Automotive Group, and the next time you face the dreaded task of parallel parking, just remember the tips that you’ve learned from watching this video. Be safe out there!

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