Time for Roger Penske to Add President to Resume

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Penske for president?

Not a bad suggestion considering all his accomplished. At last weeks Pebble Beach, Calif., the racing legend was honored with “star driver” award. Mercedes gives the award each year to a person who is “driving the industry.” In Penske’s case figuratively and literally.  Maybe Penske should be driving the country. During the Penske toast, Mercedes-Benz host Geoff Day tossed out the presidential idea as a tribute, not so much of a campaign kick-off.

With Penske strong business sense and steely resolve, this might really be a good shake up in the candidacy. Truth is it wouldn’t be the first time he was urged into politics. A couple of years ago Penske almost put his hat in the ring for Detroit mayor.  However, despite his well-know executive talents he decided to remain focused on the auto industry and not politics.

Among other praises that come to mind, “a hero,” “a legend,” and “an icon.” It was very clear Penske deserved this award with his accomplishments on and off the race track. His team has won 15 Indianapolis 500s. Penske, among his many businesses, operates some of the biggest U.S. Mercedes dealerships.

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