The Best Car Brakes When You Live On a Mountain

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At Penske Automotive Group a lot of times we get customers coming to our dealerships and asking what brakes we would recommend.  We had an interesting inquiry recently that we wanted to share with you on Penske Automotive Group Social Community.  A customer came in and told our parts and service department that they live on a hill where speed limit is carefully monitored.  Therefore, the driver goes through a lot of brakes. The customer was looking for a type of brake that might be more durable or methods to stop frying the rotors and pads.  

Gosh do we have sympathy for this customer and would love to cut down on the trips to the Penske parts and service department.   Here is a suggestion we came up with for brake wear and tear when you are living on a mountain.  Well maybe you should move.  Just kidding, by their very nature, brake pads and the act of braking are supposed to be self-destructing behavior to your vehicle.  Unfortunately this is inevitable and causes wear and dust.

However, there are ways to mitigate the damage. While this varies vehicle to vehicle, one way to reduce the wear of friction materials is to convert to ceramic brake pads. Most ceramic brake pads are not fully ceramic rather ceramic and copper. This should take some relief off your traditional asbestos/steel fiber made brakes.  These older style brakes helped with heat dispersion and minimized dust creation, but at the expense of the rotors. By adding current technology of ceramic and copper brakes you will minimize wear and tear because pedal will be more responsive with faster recovery from overheating.

The Penske team hopes this helps and highly recommend that you speak to the Penske parts and service department before you make any brake changes.  There are many options available so it is worth talking over the possibilities before you make the investment that will suit your needs.

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