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Tis’ The Season To Drive Safe

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Winter is officially in full swing across most of the country. Tis’ the season to be merry…and cautious on the roads. This season most of us encounter certain challenges and dangers, like slippery iced roads, minimal visibility and freezing temperatures.

Be prepared, keep the proper knowledge in mind and enjoy the holiday season.

Remove all ice and snow from your vehicle. This can easily obscure your visibility. To be safe, brush off the front and rear windows, side mirrors and windows and taillights too.
Ask yourself if you have the appropriate winter tires. Worn tires can be extremely dangerous in snow, slush and ice. Ensure that your tires appropriate for the conditions at any Penske Automotive service department. For snowy conditions, studded snow tires or tire chains could be a great solution to consider.
Relax, take it easy and drive cautiously. Avoid sudden starts or stops – starting in second gear can be helpful to prevent spinning tires. Drive slowly and designate the proper amount of space than you normally for breaking…there is nothing wrong with driving slow in extreme weather conditions, speed limits are set for standard and clear weather conditions.
If you sense your car is going to slide, slide properly…it happens. If the front end starts to ‘plow’ off course, gently let off the accelerator and steer your vehicle into an open direction. If the rear end slides out, or ‘fishtails’, gently let off the accelerator and turn the steering wheel in the direction of the slide – and be ready to turn the steering wheel back in the other direction once you’ve gained control of your car.
These tips will help you stay safe during the winter. If you are not certain that your car is prepared for the winter, direct your questions to any Penske Automotive service department so that we can our clients are well equipped with the appropriate tires and winter.
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