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Scion Takes Top Spot in Consumer Reports Reliability Survey

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Love your Scion?  Apparently, Consumer Reports does, too.  Scion was the top brand in Consumer Reports’ annual car reliability survey.  Consumer Reports surveyed 1.3 million owners about their experiences and found that Scion had the fewest reported problems.

Survey results were released on Tuesday and included 28 brands.  Of the Scion cars, the xD got the top results.  The xB was the worst (of the Scion vehicles).  Tuesday was a good day for Toyota as a whole, as their premium brand, the Lexus, came in as number two, and Toyota cars took the number six spot, putting Toyota, Scion, and Lexus all in the top ten.


Curious how other brands compare? Bringing out the bottom of the list was Jaguar, and, in a big fall from last year’s number two spot, Porsche.    For a model to be included in the survey, it needs to have at least 100 owners participating.  While Nissan demonstrated a great range of reliability, the Z model was close to the bottom of the list (although the Infiniti was at number 7).


Scion recently released two limited edition special version: the xB RS 9.0 and xD RS 4.0.  Each come in a five-speed manual transmission and four-speed automatic transmission.


If you’re interested in purchasing a new Scion, please don’t hesitate to stop by and visit your local Penske Automotive Toyota/Scion dealership.


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