Keeping Your Car Safe on Mischief Night

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Are you all ready for Halloween?  No doubt you’re prepared for the costume parties, and you’ve got your candy ready for tonight.  But have you given any thought to Mischief Night?

Mischief Night is also known as Halloween. It involves a tradition that goes back to the late 1700’s, and is deeply ingrained in our country’s roots.  Today, the tradition is carried on by pre-teens, teenagers and even some rebellious adults, who “celebrate” the occasion by vandalizing cars and homes.


On Mischief Night, pranks can range from the silly and mostly harmless silly string and toilet papering, to more harmful vandalism like: smashing windows, spray painting, powder-bombing or having your side-view mirrors ripped off.  Unfortunately some pranks can result in permanent damage and costly repairs.


Naturally, you’re going to want to protect your new Penske vehicle from these mischievous pranksters.  Here are some tips to keep your car safe from vandalism:


Park in your garage

Vandals won’t be able to get to your car if its safely nestled in your garage.  Don’t have a garage?  Park your car a friend or family member’s house – preferably one that has a garage or lives in a gated community.  You could also use a cover and secure it with a lock or cable, activate your car alarm and/or use a special kit that includes high strength plastic-coated steel cable and weather-proof lock.


Keep Your Lights on

Give the impression that you’re still awake and at home – even if you went out for a Halloween party.  This can intimidate pranksters, who will move on to a more vulnerable looking home.


Stay Home

Instead of going out for the night, why not throw the party at your house?  With lots of people around, the pranksters won’t want to attract attention and get caught in the act.

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How to Find the Best Car for Your Family

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How to Find the Best Car for Your Family

Looking for the best fit for your family, but don’t know where to start?  Finding the car that pleases everyone – especially if you have a large family – can be challenging.  Here are some points to consider when searching for that perfect car.


Space and Storage

With kids, you’ll need a large cargo area to store everything – whether you need to pack up strollers and diaper bags for your baby or sports equipment for your teen.  When you’re shopping, open the trunk and see how much space you’ll have.  Also check out the interior and make sure there’s enough space for your family to sit comfortable.  Can you fit your child safety seats comfortably in the second row?  Are the latches secure?  As one final quick check, also look for any storage spaces and cup holders in the seating area that your children will be able to reach.


Built in Entertainment

Kids can be distracting if they’re fighting.  They also get bored on long car trips.  When you’re looking at vehicles, check to see if they have any built in entertainment to keep your children occupied and give them something to do.


Assistance Features

Small features can add up to be a huge help when you’re an on-the-go mom or dad.  Automatic sliding doors help you save time if you’re carrying a large load.  A built-in GPS is easier to start up than having to attach your GPS to the windshield, plug it in, etc.  If you’re in a rush and not paying attention, a reverse-sensing system can save the day and prevent crashes or accidents.  A conversation mirror – a convex mirror that allows you to see the entire cabin – can also help you keep an eye on your kids without having to turn around.


Ultimately, determine what you really need, versus what you think you need or want.  Evaluate the needs of your family, and find a car that matches that.  With a family, you’ll need to save as much as you can, so don’t go crazy about extra features you won’t end up using.  Look up the safety ratings from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to find the safest vehicles.


If you have any questions, one of our helpful staff members at Penske Automotive would be happy to assist you and find the perfect fit for your family.




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