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Is your family looking for a new car? Can’t decide between a minivan and an SUV? While the minivan has a stigma to it – and maybe you are hesitant to give in and get one – it actually might be a better fit for your family. Car manufacturers are trying to update and refresh the minivan to make it more appealing. However, there are some times that simply call for the SUV.

So which is better? That’s going to depend on the needs of your family. Check out our showdown below to find out which car is your family’s match.


Round 1: Style

A “soccer mom” stigma unfortunately puts the minivan at a disadvantage to start with. People just don’t think it’s “hip.” Especially teenagers. On the other hand, you have the rugged SUV that practically screams fun and adventure. Despite the fact that car manufacturers are attempting to jazz up minivans and make them a little more appealing, this round has to go to the SUV.


Round 2: Handling

The minivan makes a comeback in this round, with smooth handling and better maneuverability. The SUV puts up a fight, though, with off-roading capabilities. Bad weather? The SUV says, “No problem.” In an SUV, you can handle hills and potholes.


Round 3: Space

The minivan dominates this round with seating for 7 or 8 people and cargo space to spare. While some SUVs do have a third row – like the Honda Pilot, for example – for the most part, you’ll get more space in a minivan. Minivans also allow you to take out the back seat if you need even more space in the back. Sliding doors make it easy for your entourage to pile in.


Round 4: Fuel Efficiency

With better gas mileage, this is another round for the minivan. Large SUVs in particular have a reputation for being gas-guzzlers.

Round 5: Capabilities

With 4×4 capability and towing, the SUV is a great multipurpose vehicle. While the minivan can also haul, SUVs generally get better tow ratings than minivans.


Overall, they seem to come out even. Looking for good handling and space? The minivan’s got your back. But if you need something a little sportier, that can handle off-roading or harsh weather conditions, you might find a better friend in the SUV. If you have a lot of kids, or are planning on heading up the local carpool, a minivan might be better. If you live in a harsh climate, the SUV might be better. Ultimately, determine what your family needs, and make your decision based on that.

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