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Now is a great time to ring in the warmer weather by getting your vehicle ready to roll.

We also know that winter driving can be hard on your vehicle, because, well, we drive over the same potholes you do. That kind of driving can mess with your vehicle’s alignment or drive train, and ultimately cause more serious damage when those issues are not checked and properly corrected.

Below is a checklist of services you could benefit from this spring.




Making sure your wheels and tires are aligned correctly allows for a balanced ride. This means even tire wear, and no pulling toward the left or right. Plus, a properly aligned car tends to get better mileage and have a longer lifespan than one that’s misaligned.


Fuel Injection Service


Fuel injection service is a professional cleaning of the fuel injector. It removes the carbon deposits and debris that may be blocking your system to restore your car’s performance.


Oil Change


Maintaining your regular oil changes is a key part of extending the life of your engine.


Tire Rotation and Balancing


Ensure your tires last longer by getting them rotated and balanced. This ensures even wear on the treads, meaning a smoother, safer ride.


Brake Check


A brake check involves making sure all the components that allow you to stop your vehicle are functioning properly. This is a must for ensuring safe driving conditions.


Battery Check


A car battery inspection ensures that your battery can hold the charge and start your car when you need it. A simple inspection now may prevent being stranded later.




A deep clean of your vehicle does more than make it look nice. It can also extend the life of the upholstery and other interior features, which could then increase the resale value!


General Checkup


Be proactive. Catch for problems before they become problems. A full vehicle checkup can save you money on more serious repairs that can come from having unresolved issues.


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