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Toyota Camry announced its new initiative to unite Camry owners across the country using their social site “Camry Effect”.   In the past three decades, Camry has sold over 9 million cars, and is now inviting all owners – previous or recent – to join their online, interactive website, where they will be able to share their own stories about their experiences driving one of America’s most reliable cars.

Toyota knows that your car is not just a tool to take you from point A to point B – it’s more than that.  Maybe a Camry took you to your first soccer game, or to new places on a cross-country road trip.  Maybe you crammed it full of boxes on college move in day, or escorted your future wife on your first date.  Maybe you brought home your first child in your Camry, or maybe you took her to her first soccer game.  Over the past 30 years, Camry has been there with families across the country for all those big milestones in life.

That’s why Camry wants to connect you with all the other 7 million Camry drivers.  Toyota believes that more people have spent life in a Camry than in any other brand of car, and that their car is an integrated part of American culture.  How has your Camry influenced your life?  Share your Camry experience on the Camry Effect, invite your friends and make new ones.

By joining the Camry Effect, you can get access to information and photos about the upcoming 2012 Toyota Camry.  Anyone who has ever owned a Camry is welcome – whether you owned one twenty years ago or own one today.

What are you waiting for?  Your story is ready to be told.  Brag about your Camry on the Camry Effect and share your fondest memories with other Camry drivers.

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