Pickup Scene, U.S. Love Affair with Trucks

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Many people form a special bond with their cars, with research showing that a car may be a reflection of their owner’s personality. But according to a survey U.S. pickup truck owners might take this unique bond to the extreme.

According to the survey, 64 percent of pickup truck owners said their truck is an extension of their personality and almost 28 percent failed to cite their spouse or significant other as more important than their truck.  Almost 40 percent of respondents considered their truck more important than their house or apartment. This makes more sense when survey results reveal that more than 40 percent of respondents have slept overnight in their truck, at one point or another.

Even with the ailing economy, almost 45 percent of respondents said they spent at least $1,000 on customizing their trucks and 17percent of respondents said they spent at least $3,000.

While many see trucks as masculine cars, approximately 40 percent of truck owners have named their car.  Some of the more common names were either female names like Big Blue, Silver Beast or Rosie.

Why this truck-mance?   While the reason for the special bond between pickup truck owners and their trucks is uncertain.  But from what we can tell at Penske Automotive Group owning a truck is a lifestyle, it isn’t just a form of transportation but part of the family. We have pickup envy. But when you’re trying to paint a picture of fuel consumption in this country, you have to look first at what we love most. And America loves its trucks.

So the question must be asked, do you own a pickup truck?   If so, how much do you love your truck?

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