Penske Automotive Group is proud to have female leaders at every level of the organization. Every Thursday for the next week, we will feature a female leader from the Penske organization who is empowering women in the industry and paving the road for the next generation of female leaders. From their earliest interest in the industry to their proudest moments, you’ll learn how these women got their start, who influenced them the most, and how they are helping change the face of the industry in positive ways.

This week we are pleased to introduce Taylor Moen!

Meet Taylor Moen – Sales Manager at Porsche West Broward, Penske Automotive Group

“Be curious and ask as many questions as you can. Do not be afraid to jump in the moment and do things yourself. You are going to fail, but do not be afraid. Even the most professional businessman fails, and they never stop learning.”

Industry experience: 5 years

First automotive job: Summer intern at the Penske Honda and Penske Chevrolet store.

PAG tenure: 5 years

Current role & responsibilities:  I am responsible for appraising vehicles, helping sales associates’ close deals, conducting daily and weekly sales training meetings, ensuring proper customer follow-up, completing training through Porsche and Alan Ram, supporting and assisting sales associates with monthly goals, and handling customer complaints in a timely manner.

What attracted you to the auto industry: I originally started my undergrad studying mechanical engineering, but I realized I wanted to be in the retail aspect of the business. Growing up in Michigan, automotive has always been a huge part in my life and in my family.

Most satisfying part of your job:  How much Penske supports their employees and cares about personal development. I love having a voice and having the support of my General Manager. Being appreciated and listened to is extremely important in a work environment.

Proudest professional achievement: Being offered a Sales Manager job for one of Penske’s Porsche stores at the age of 23. It hasn’t been easy but learning from my mistakes and growing within the position has been extremely gratifying. Porsche West Broward achieved Premier Dealer Status for 2021, which was a huge accomplishment in my career. I cannot thank our employees and loyal customers enough for making Porsche West Broward a great place to work and do business.

Who has had the biggest influence on your career:  My parents have had a big influence and supported me through my career change and move to Florida from Michigan. My automotive marketing professor Elgie Bright, for teaching me his automotive knowledge and giving me the opportunity to use that knowledge at major automotive conferences and industry meetings like NADA and Women in Automotive. During my Management in Trainee program, Roger Myton encouraged and motivated me to stick with the automotive industry. Finally, Ryan Chromek is not only an amazing leader and boss, but also a person with great professional experience making him a great mentor. I would not be in this position if it were not for his expertise and belief in me.

Advice for young women considering a career in the automotive industry: Do not be afraid of the industry. What matters is the impact you make in your job. With the right tools and training, we have all the opportunities in the world to grow and educate ourselves for our careers. Be the person that every woman in the industry wants to learn and listen from.

Favorite weekend activity: I enjoy spending time with my German Shorthair Pointer Higgins and my two cats Waldo and Gamora.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years: I would like to be an industry expert for women that need ideas, strategies, and advice. I’ve had amazing mentors in my career, so I would like to provide the same guidance to others looking for a leadership role.

How have you seen the auto industry landscape change and evolve to engage more women: The amount of support groups and mentoring groups for women in the automotive industry has grown tremendously. There are more resources now that help women with mentoring, knowledge, and support. I truly believe that if we keep growing these resources women will be more empowered to work in the automotive industry.

Check back next Thursday as we add another Penske female leader to the Women in the Driver’s Seat series!





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