Penske Automotive Group Member Audi Chandler Hosts Gas Mileage Clinic

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Audi Chandler, located in Chandler, Arizona, will host a free gas mileage service clinic to help Phoenix drivers save money on gas prices this summer. The clinic will be held this Saturday, July 23rd, and participants will receive free services to increase the fuel economy of their vehicle.

As we have mentioned in July 7 article on Penske’s Social Network Community, there are several options to help you to be fuel-efficient. If you put these Penske gas mileage tips in practice, you may be able to reduce the amount of gas you use.

With gas prices being on the rise this summer, Penske Audi has taken this one step further. General Manager Jeffrey Kohn strongly feels that, “this is a great opportunity for drivers to help increase the fuel economy of their vehicle so they can be sure they are getting the best performance possible to conserve fuel costs this summer.”

There are many different things drivers can do to help keep their vehicle in top condition, so they can ensure they get the best gas mileage possible. One way to help is to keep tires inflated to the recommended levels at all times. Doing this can help increase fuel efficiency for a vehicle by as much as 3%. Another way to increase fuel efficiency is to regularly clean the air filters. A clean air filter gets an average of 6% better fuel efficiency than a dirty one. If filters are extremely dirty or clogged, drivers can get as much as a 14% decrease in fuel efficiency.

As part of the gas mileage service clinic held at Audi Chandler, the service department will provide several free services. Participants will be able to have their tire pressure checked; air filters cleaned, and will receive a free car wash. The clinic will begin at 8am on Saturday morning, and will run through 4pm in the afternoon. Appointments are limited, so it is recommended that anyone interested in participating should make a reservation soon at 480-941-0000.

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