Parent Pitfalls: Preparing Your Car for Baby on Board

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Parents-to-be have all sorts of prenatal classes they can take to help get ready for baby but few tackle transportation. Many parents learn these aspects the hard way- trial and error.
So Penske Automotive Group has compiled a couple tips to help you gear-up and succeed transporting your new addition.

• De-clutter your vehicle. In a collision any loose articles can be possible hazards to your child.

• Purchase a car seat early. You don’t want to discover that it’s incompatible with your vehicle a week before the stork arrives. This will also give you plenty of time to read over the seat manual. Make sure to check the expiration date as well.
• For the task of installing the car seat for the first time, take your time. Keep in mind struggling with this task is common that’s why there are clinics. Don’t hesitate to visit a clinic, many states have very specific safety rulings about child transportation and we would hate for you to get a ticket or there to be a potential injury.

• Practice moving car seat from vehicle to vehicle. Chances are you’ll likely transport your child in more than one vehicle.
• If you don’t already have one, you might consider acquiring a GPS to eliminate the hassle of dealing with road maps.
• Also consider purchasing some baby-soothing music to enhance your journey.
Additionally, there are some vehicles accessories to enhance your driving experience with baby on board. However, we recommend you don’t clutter the car seat too much. One nice option is a mirrors, this enables you to see rear-facing child’s face.
Like many things practice makes perfect. Remember your child needs to be in its car seat at all times, so make sure you get a handle on car seat usage. Remember it is best for children to be in rear facing care seats until they are about 35 to 40 pounds. These guidelines are on the side of the seat. After this a child should be in some type of booster seat until around 8 years old, unless they are already 4′ 9″ tall.

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