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Mercedes-Benz, like any other manufacturer, has come a long way over the decades in technological enhancements. Once upon a time, drivers had to use paper maps to find their way; now they can access navigation programs with the simple touch of a button.

To demonstrate the new technology being developed by Mercedes-Benz, reporter Christian Maier sat down with Johann Jungwirth, the president and CEO of Mercedes-Benz Research and Development North America, and discussed the capabilities of the COMAND online multimedia system at the company’s “TecDay Telematics.”

The COMAND system, which comes in the C- and E-Class, SLK-Class, and CLS-Class vehicles currently, will be available in the new B-Class and M-Class. To connect with the system, drivers would use their Bluetooth connection on their mobile device – no SIM cards are necessary.

An advantage of the COMAND system is that apps are constantly updated. It comes with apps like Facebook, Google Street View and Panoramio by Google. Some examples of its capabilities include: the ability to send Google maps routes from your computer to the navigation system in the car, the ability to know where your Facebook friends are and let them know where you are, and the ability to plan events, invite your friends to said event, and then navigate to that event.

Mercedes-Benz knows the importance of staying up-to-date with technology. That’s why they were the first automotive manufacturer to open an office in Silicon Valley, surrounding themselves with companies like Google and Facebook. In the next few years, Mercedes-Benz plans on implementing a new infotainment option for iPhone users that sends information from the phone to the console display, and are developing their “MirrorLink” system which will allow seamless integration for smartphones by other manufacturers.

Despite being ahead in technology development, Mercedes-Benz still faces competition from other manufacturers, which are right on its heels in developing their own smartphone integration. Manufacturers know users want to be connected. It will be interesting to see how this competition fuels manufacturers’ production process and where they will take their concepts in the coming decade. We’ve come a long way since paper maps, and surely we’ll continue to see ground-breaking innovations as the 21st century progresses.

Check out the video for more information, and see Christian Maier feeling nostalgic while wearing Mercedes-Benz funky-looking driving goggles.


Source: Mercedes-Benz Reporter

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