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Labor Day is just around the corner and about 31.5 million Americans are expected to get away for holiday, a 2.4 percent drop from the year before. Close to 27.5 million are expected to travel by road, with about 2.5 million expected to fly, a nearly 2 percent drop from last year. Penske Automotive Group realizes that when packing for a family vacation, it can be hard to predict what you’re going to need. Aside from vacation basics like clothes, sunscreen and a camera, taking a road trip requires extra items in order to make your time in the car as enjoyable as possible.

Here is a Penske Automotive Group checklist for an enjoyable road trip.  Hope you don’t too many, “are we there yet?”

1. Maps/GPS
We know it sounds old fashion but consider a printed out map with to and from directions. From time to time your smart phones and GPS can malfunction therefore it is a good idea to have a back up. Try to look at a few different sources like MapQuest, Google Maps, Yahoo Maps to make sure you are using most direct route and are able to tackle detours.  In addition to printing out maps to and from your planned destination, you should also map out gas stations and interesting pit stops along the way. And, if the occasion arises and your lost, don’t be afraid to ask for directions.

2. Cooler of Snacks
Bringing snacks for the trip allows you to save money and minimize pit stops.  Consider bringing healthier, crumb-free snacks such as trail mix, granola bars and hard-to-bruise fruits. Healthy snacks will also help you keep your energy up. Though, we at Penske love Twizzlers for road trips.

3. Emergency Medical Kit
Your Penske Automotive Group vehicle is outfitted with an emergency medical kit, usually found in the trunk.  Prior to hitting the road make sure kit is well stocked.  You may also want to include jumper cables and duct tape.

4. Garbage Bags
Make clean up easy, instead of collecting trash in the corner of your car bring a couple empty trash bags or grocery bags.

5. Blanket
Picnics are a great way to enjoy the beautiful weather and a blanket will make spur-of-the-moment picnics and naps at rest stops possible.

6. Books on Tape
Avoid iconic, “are we there yet” question with some books on tape.

7. Activities
In addition to packing games and entertainment options for the kids, also remember to pack a few for adults in the front passenger seat. Sudoku, crossword puzzles and magazines are all good choices.

8. Emergency Phone List
Consider bringing a list of important phone numbers such as numbers for your insurance company, your doctor and a neighbor or emergency contact at home.

Have a wonderful trip and a happy Labor Day Weekend. We hope this road trip guide prepares you, your family, car and home.

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