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Whether you’re planning a long road trip this weekend or just driving to the soccer field, it’s important to keep your children safe. Here are some tips for families about how to protect your children while you’re on the road. Even if you don’t have a family, check out these tips and stay safe in your new Penske Automotive vehicle.

Wear Your Seat Belt

Always check to make sure that all passengers are buckled before starting the vehicle. Kids twelve and under should sit in the back. While they may protest, sitting “shotgun” can cause harm to the child during an accident if the air bags deploy. Air bags are meant for taller, adult passengers, and could injure a child. Infants less than a year old and/or 20 – 22 lbs should be in a rear-facing child seat in the back of the car.

Drive Hands Free

Texting and using the phone can cause distractions. Set an example for your children and never text and drive at the same time. If it’s important, ask a passenger to talk on the phone or text for you; if you’re alone, pull over before responding. Even if you think it’s “just this one time” or it will “take just a second”, you should still pull over. You never know what might happen in that split second that your eyes are off the road – someone could pull out in front of you or stop short.

Use Turn Signals

Your blinkers are your way to communicate with other drivers. While it may slip your mind, make an effort to use them as they let other drivers know what you plan on doing. Whether you’re changing lanes, making a turn or pulling over, it’s not too hard to flick the switch and put on your blinkers.

Don’t take chances with safety! Buckle up and enjoy your weekend!

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