Jay-Z and Kanye West Takes Maybach Promise to Customize to a Whole New Level

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Maybach is the most opulent ride German luxury car maker Diamler  AG has to offer at $375,250. The Mercedes-Benz car maker resuscitated the Maybach brand nearly a decade ago in the hopes of profiting from a renaissance in super-luxury sedans and rival BMW, Rolls Royce and Bentley. The über-luxury division’s sales have faltered, dwindling to fewer than 200 Maybachs sold world-wide last year but the goal is to make sales do a 180 in 2011-2012.  Things may be shaping up with all the press the brand is getting with the new Kanye West, Jay-Z music video. Don’t cry when you watch the destruction of a Maybach in this video.

Maybach representatives recently admit  the company is still looking at a number of alternatives for Maybach’s future in this niche market. Streamlining Maybach’s development and production costs is one challenge. But developing more demand for the German ultra-premium brand may be a bigger one.

Example of the product line and options include:  the Maybach 62, which starts at $462,250, comes standard with Bose stereo system with 21 speakers. Daimler initially projected it would sell a modest 1,000 or so of the largely handcrafted, customized limousines a year. This model can up-graded to the convertible Landaulet variation, at a price of $1.38 million. The brand is known to tailoring its models for clients.  Some of these customizations include four-zone climate control, fiber-optic network with DVD player, refrigerator, sterling silver Champagne flutes and so much more.

Maybach seems best suited to idling outside a foreign dignitary’s hotel, spinning around town with the Queen of England or rolling at a snail’s pace through a rap video. The car is getting buzz among hip-hop moguls Jay-Z in the video for “Otis,” a new single.  Jay-Z and Kanye West feature a pricy Landaulet which gets a makeover using power handsaws and blowtorches. The luxury car is quickly dismantled and transformed into a hot rod/road racer that doesn’t look street legal.

According to a bumper at the end of the video, the car will be auctioned, with proceeds to benefit ongoing efforts to feed starving children and families in the Horn of Africa.

While we at Penske Automotive Group and Maybach of Greenwich cringed to see this beautiful example for German craftsmanship be dismantled we are happy to see it going to support efforts in Africa.  Here at Maybach of Greenwich represents more than an unprecedented level in automotive craftsmanship, comfort and exclusivity. It is also setting the new standard for customer care. The Maybach Studio network is dedicated to fulfilling the needs and expectations of Maybach customers in the most personalized way possible, with the full support of Maybach product, technical, customer care and service teams in the U.S. and Sindelfingen, Germany ready to assist at any time.  Come visit us to discuss all the options for customizations or check out an unscathed Landaulet at 261 West Putnam Ave, Greenwich, Conn.  general sales manager Lou Liodori is waiting for you.

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