Jay Leno Compares 1938 Vs 2012 Volkswagen Beetle in Germany

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Jay Leno’s job rules! Besides earning him enough scratch to buy and maintain just about anything he feels like in his now-famous garage, auto manufacturers are seemingly more than willing to jet him around the globe to sample their cars. While vacationing in Germany, Jay couldn’t resist dropping by Wolfsburg, the home of Volkswagen, to test drive both the oldest – dating from 1938 – and the newest Beetle.

Check out his back-to-back test drives to gauge the 80-year evolution of an icon.

While in Germany his first stop was to get behind the wheel of one of the oldest driving examples of a Beetle.  Straight from 1938, the pristine black  Beetle. Jay claimed, “most cars that are 73 years old look like most people who are 73 years olds — a little dated. Not the Beetle. The  shape, simplicity, ease of maintenance, the Teutonic minimalism – is gorgeous.”

Everyone know the iconic ‘bug’ or ‘beetle’ outside but the 1938 VW showed off its Art Deco details too.  He was very moved by the, “tactile, thin-rimmed steering wheel that transmits every sense of its handling direct to your brain. Not that it’s great at handling — remember, it’s a 1938.”

The real fun, however, happens when Jay steps into the 2012 Beetle and confesses that it’s “it is fun to put your foot down and feel that turbo kick in.” He’s not speaking theoretically here; Leadfoot Leno really did floor it on the Autobahn. Reports say he was going about 220 km/h or  130 mph in the 2012 Beetle. He admits to do that kind of speed in a 1938 version you’d have to be going over a cliff.

No mistake, Jay the car enthusiast felt the Beetle lived up to its 73 year lineage. It the similar body shape from 1938 but now amped up safety. This new car is faster, got some major power and more fuel efficiency.

All in all, Jay’s experience comparing the granddaddy of Beetles with the newer surprising modern version was pleasant.  Leno commends VW, behind the wheel of the 2012 Beetle he felt like he got two cars for the price of one (smart/ reliable car with the need for speed at heart).

If you are interested in the 2012 Beetle driving experience, stop by Volkswagen North Scottsdale or Commonwealth Volkswagen.  The Penske sales team would be happy to get you behind the wheel maybe just not going 130 mph like Mr. Leno.

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