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Looking to wow them? Here’s a holiday list.

Sure, you’d love to give everyone a new car for the holidays. But when your list includes every niece and nephew, and you’re trying to keep every gift under $50 (or even $10 or $20), what’s the next best thing? Below are a baker’s dozen of the best car-related holiday gifts, good for drivers from Pennsylvania to Arizona, selected from a curated BuzzFeed list. For more details on where you can buy all the products listed here, it’s all in the BuzzFeed article listed at the end of the blog.


For neatniks

Cleaning slime for air vents

There are lots of weird, hard-to-clean places in cars. Ticarve Cleaning Gel can be pressed into tight spaces like putty, and when you pull it out, the dust and dirt comes out, too. Under $10.

Waterproof seat cover for pets

Got a best friend who really sheds?  Waterproof seat covers hang between the back seat and the front seat rests, so all surfaces are protected from clinging fur or mud, or if you live around the desert sands. Just under $20.

A great glass cleaner

It can be hard to get into the angled corners of car windshields and side windows. How about a pie-shaped window-cleaner for under $15?


For the mildly disorganized (like the rest of us)

Seat gap filler

How often have you dropped your cell phone through the seat? Drop Stop seat gap fillers fill those spaces — and are way more affordable than the manicure you may need after jamming your fingers into tight spaces to pry the phone out. Get two for about $20.

Sticky dash mat

Where do you put things like your phone or your car keys? How about a small washable mat that sticks to your dash, and all those other things can stick to? Under $10.

Glove box travel utensils

GoBites is a set of utensils — knife, fork and spoon — that fits into a folding travel case. Great if you want a salad or something besides finger food on the road. Under $15.


For parents

Engaging conversation topics

Want to get the kids away from their electronics on a road trip? Road Trip TableTopics are a set of cards with questions that get everyone talking about subjects beyond the inevitable “are we there yet? “Under $10.

Portable humidifier

If you drive in the desert sands, you know all about dry air. So how about a little humidifier that fits into the cup holder of your car and plugs into your cellphone charger. If you want, you can incorporate essential oils, which makes it even better against unwanted odors. About $20 – essential oils additional.

Plug-in cooler/warmer

Ok, we’re breaking our $50 limit here, but if you’re going on a long road trip, this might be worth it. It’s a small plug-in cooler, it not only cools things 32 degrees below room temperature, it can also warm them to 140 degrees. Nice for hotels, too. About $90.


For the teenager

LED lights for mood lighting

Want to jazz up any car? LED lights can be hidden in seat wells… and can be set to actually change with the music you’re playing. Under $15. 

Vent clips

You can buy all kinds of spangly accessories for your car (like steering wheel covers), but sparkly Mickey Mouse vent clips that have both bling and air fresheners inside might be the home run you’re looking for. Two for just over $20.

Cordless vacuums

Is your teen’s car as messy as his or her room? For bits of leaves that cling to their shoes, what could be better than a cordless vac? Black and Decker makes a nice one in the $50 range; the telescoping end gets into crevices where your kids have dropped the Goldfish snacks. THISWORX Car Vacuum has all sorts of car-specific tools and costs a few bucks less.


For anyone

Stupid car tray 

We would call it something more polite, but it’s actually called Stupid Car Tray. Very versatile, very utilitarian, very good for kids or anyone who uses their passenger seat as a dining table when on the go. About $35.


Other ideas: 

We’ve given you our short list, but there are dozens more ideas. Here are three good sources with more than you — or they — could ask for.

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