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Car crashes are the leading cause of death for kids ages three to 14.  As we wrap up National Child Passenger Safety Week Penske Automotive Group just wanted to remind parents to get better acquainted with proper use of safety seats. Properly used child safety seats decrease the risk of death by 71 percent for infants and 54 percent for toddlers.

Recent study leading up to safety week shows that many drivers are using child safety seats improperly. After surveying 79,000 child-safety-seat inspections, the study found that less than a third of people use the important top tether that hooks the child seat to the vehicle. Of those who do use the top tether, only 59 percent are doing so correctly. The more snugly installed seats will save approximates 3,600 injuries a year according NHTSA. This study also clarified only 30 percent of the cars that drove away from checkpoints were using the lower anchors located where seat backs meet seat bottoms.

In encouraging news, parents are doing a better job of keeping children in rear-facing seats for a longer period. 91 percent of parents know the history of their car seats, and 98 percent of caregivers keep kids 13 and younger in a rear seat.

Keep in mind that Penske recommends that children stay rear-facing in vehicles until they are 2 and children should usually wait to transition out of booster seat after 7 or 8. Keep up the good work keeping your family safe while driving. Remember we have a well trained team at all of our dealerships to help you safely and correctly install your car seats.

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