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An earthquake sent tremors from the nation’s capital to New York City this afternoon. Officials say it was a 5.8 magnitude earthquake based in Virginia. There was also a rare earthquake in Colorado today as well. There were no immediate reports of damage. It got Penske Automotive Group thinking, do you know what to do if you are driving along and there is an earthquake. We are sure our west coast customers and friends have an idea but east coasters you may want to read up.
Like today, you don’t know where you will be when an earthquake strikes so hear are some helpful tips.
1. Use your five senses and recognize that you are in an earthquake situation. An earthquake while driving sometimes feels like there is something wrong with your car.
2. If possible move to the side of the road as quick as possible. Keep an eye out for traffic and be aware that some drivers may panic.
3. Avoid pulling over on bridges, overpasses, signs, building overhangs, power lines, trees, or any other hazards that might fall onto your car. Try not to park next to objects that may fall on your car too.
4. If in a parking garage exit the car and crouch down low and close to the side of the car to use it as protection.
5. Turn off the engine and put your handbrake on.
6. Stay in your vehicle until the shaking stops.
7. Once shaking has stopped exit vehicle, survey area. Make sure nothing has fallen on your car and locate your vehicles emergency medical kit if you or others around you need it.
8. Listen to the local radio station for warnings and updates as you drive or walk.
9. Proceed home or to a safety shelter with caution.
10. Remember there maybe aftershocks.

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