How to Stop Worrying About Your Teenage Driver

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Your baby is all grown up now and ready to take the wheel.  But are you ready for her to take the wheel?  The years go by so quickly.  We know it’s tough to see your children get older, and you worry about them when you can’t be with them.  When you take them to their driver’s test, you might find that you’remore anxious then them.

Taking an active role in teaching your son or daughter to drive can help ease your fears.  When you know what they’ve been taught, you have a better idea about how prepared they are to get in the driver’s seat.

Review the Driver’s Manual Together

Make sure they understand the reasoning behind the rules, rather than just telling them.  Also, you may find yourself learning more as well!  It’s been awhile since you took your driver’s test, and sometimes as we get older, we forget some things.  This refresher course could also help you when you’re on the road.

Sit Down and Explain the Dashboard

Before you even start driving, show them the dashboard basics.  Point out where everything is, from the fuel gauge to the hazards.  Ask them to repeat it back to you when you’re done telling them.

Sign Them Up for Classes

While you are probably a great driver, there are some things that an experienced driving instructor will know to point out that you might not think of.  Once you’ve been driving for a while, it’s easy to forget what you might have struggled with when you were first learning, but a driving instructor knows all of the tricky areas for new drivers.

Help them Study for the Written Exam

You can find many online quizzes.  Ask them questions throughout the day, while you are driving them to school, eating dinner, or out shopping.  Encourage them to ask questions if they aren’t sure of something.

Set a Good Example

Your children learn by watching you.  When you are driving, emphasize good driving practices by doing them yourself.  If you are changing lanes, use your turn signal.  Don’t tail gate.  Drive the speed limit.  In other words, drive how you would want your children to drive if they were out without you.

Give Them Safety Tips

Make sure they know the dangers of texting while driving and wearing their seat belt.  The biggest fear of a parent while his children are out is their safety.  By being a safe driver yourself, you reinforce safe driving behavior.

Be Patient

This is the most important one.  When you’re sitting in the passenger seat and your child is at the wheel, you might be gripping the seats in anxiety or stomping the floor of the car, using the “air brake”.  Try your best to remain calm.  If the child senses your nervousness, he or she might get nervous, too, which can affect their performance on the road.  Give them the confidence they need.

It can be difficult to watch your baby grow up, but when you know that your child is prepared, watching them back out of the driveway will be less worrisome.

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