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Until the day comes when we are all piloting flying cars, car care for tires are important. Changing a flat tire is not a very pleasant experience. It seems like your car purposely tries to get a flat tire at the least opportune moments.

Now, you can always call Penske Automotive Group Roadside Assistance or you can be self-sufficient and tackle the problem yourself.   Knowledge is power, so here is an overview how to change a tire properly.

Step 1. Acknowledge the problem; if you hear thumping noise, bingo you might have a dead tire.

Step 2. Carefully pull off to a flat portion of the shoulder. At this time exit your vehicle and inspect the car.

Step 3. If your assessment is correct, find the spare.  Typically they are kept underneath the floor mat in the trunk.  Remove it and make sure it is in good condition.

Step 4. Make sure car is in park and the emergency brake is set.

Step 5. Gather all your strength and use the tire iron to loosen each wheel lug nuts. You don’t want to actually remove the lugs, just get them loose.

Step 6. Move the jack underneath the car. If you don’t know where the proper  jacking points are, look them up in the owner’s manual. Maneuver the jack underneath the jack point and start to raise the jack until flat tire off the ground.

Step 7. Now remove the wheel lugs completely, make sure they don’t roll away.

Step 8. Position the spare tire over the wheel studs, make sure everything lines up.

Step 9. After you have the spare tire hanging on the wheel studs, screw each of the wheel lugs back on. Start this process by hand and then use tire iron. They don’t need to be super tight at this point just flush.

Step 10. Lower the jack and it can be put away at this time.

Step 11. Tighten lug nuts now and clean up. That’s it.

Penske Automotive Groups makes sure to check tire pressure and condition when you bring your car in for service. However, due to unforeseen circumstances sometimes flat tires are unavoidable. We hope these tips will come in handy if you are every faces with a flat tire while traveling. Good Luck!

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