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Below are a few tips to help drivers conserve fuel and save money at the pump, while at the same time helping the environment and improving traffic safety. Researchers at University of Michigan believe that by putting these eco-friendly measures in process drivers could save up to 45 percent.  There are three main schools of thought to be green in the auto industry; one  the strategic decisions (maintenance, beyond choice of vehicle selection), tactical decisions (picking your routes and vehicle load) and operational decisions (how you drive).

  1. It can start as simple as care choice.  By simply choosing a car (23.7 average mpg for 2011 models) over a minivan (19.4 mpg), SUV (19.2 mpg) or pickup (17.2 mpg) may be the easiest way to save gas.
  2. Keep the engine tuned, use the right oil and keep tires inflated.  By keeping up on maintenance can boost mileage up to 40%. It’s the easiest way to save, and a better-performing ride can be both safer and more fun, too.
  3. Choose the flattest route for your commute or trip; a flat route can yield 15 to 20 percent better mileage than a hilly route.
  4. Pick free-flowing highway route as opposed to a congested route, which can boost mileage 20 to 40 percent.
  5. Don’t haul stuff in your car that you don’t need. Take the golf clubs out of the trunk when you get home from playing.
  6. Accelerate and brake smoothly. Anticipate stops. If you see a red light, stop sign or heavy traffic ahead of you, let off the accelerator and coast.
  7. Use cruise control on the highway.  Research teams found that this was 7 percent better than your right foot.
  8. Put the windows down and turn off the off the air conditioning it could save you up to 25percent of your fuel. But keep in mind Close your windows at high speeds to reduce drag.
  9. Don’t let your vehicle idle for more than a minute.
  10. Slow down and watch speed. Surprisingly driving a about 60 mph can seriously impact your fuel spending by 10 to 15 percent.

While vehicle choice is the most important fuel economy decision; good eco-driving practices can still lead to a major reduction in on-road fuel economy. Follow these and drivers will improve traffic flow and help people slice their gasoline bills.

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