Futuristic Features Cars Will be Equipped With

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It’s human nature to fantasize about the future and predict what life might be like in the future. Since the creation of the first automobile in the early 1900s there have been many wild and outlandish predictions of bizarre predictions of future automobile technology.

If we peer into the future maybe ten years what technology do you think cars will have? Just a guess safety, fuel economy, pollution are likely to be main focal points and standard features in all models.

1. Warnings Galore: Your car won’t drive itself, but its technology will help make you a safer driver.

2. Eyes All Around: Rearview cameras are likely to become standard feature in all modes of transportation.

3. Pedestrian Detection and Night Vision: The ability to come to a full stop if a pedestrian is detected in your automobile’s path. Plus night vision system offering on their top-of-the-line vehicles, detect infrared light or amplify available light to help you see a person who wanders into your intended path but is out of range of your headlights.

4. Easy Cruising: Adaptive cruise control uses radar to help you keep a safe distance from the car in front as you cruise at highway speeds so that you don’t have to constantly hit the brakes and reset your cruising speed.

5. Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications: Can you imagine if cars could talk to each other in order to avoid accidents? Rumor has it Ford is already working on the intelligent vehicle system that uses advanced Wi-Fi technology; it transmits your vehicle’s location and recognizes other vehicles surrounding you. Passing, merging and driving through red lights will never be the same.

6. A Better Way to Connect: Bluetooth will be standard connecting with smart phones for music, navigation and calling will never be the same.

7. App Central: We live in an app driven society now, can you imagine down the road all the possibilities with in- car Wi-Fi that relies on voice recognition to connect.

8. Fuel-Efficiency Tech: President Obama’s latest fuel-economy proposal calls for 62 miles per gallon by 2025, so look for automakers to embrace fuel savings wherever they can. Regenerative brakes, stop/start features may be just a few future features to help us improve fuel economy.

9. Advanced Engines: It is clear hybrids and electronic vehicles are going to increase in popularity but for those remaining fuel driven vehicles maybe turbocharging and direct-injection will be popular. Engine sizes and transmission will also play a role in improving efficiency.

10. Exotic Materials: Making cars lighter is one way that automakers can meet higher mileage standards. As we go eco-friendly maybe reusable/ recycled material will become core of automobiles.

Currently, a lot of these features are seen in concept cars or are known to be in development with some major manufacturers. What is the likelihood these predictions come true?

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