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Penske Automotive Group has always loved the tradition of decorating the bride and grooms wedding car, especially when it is a Penske car. We really think a white or black Mercedes or cute little Mini make a classy wedding ride for the new couple. We know this holiday weekend there will be a lot of couples tying the knot and we wanted to offer some decorating suggestions.

Decorating the wedding car is definitely a fun and creative way to honor (or even embarrass) the new couple! In creating our list we did learn some interesting facts, the tradition of tying old shows to the back of the vehicle started because leather was thought to ward off evil spirits, and would keep the young couple safe. Tins were sometimes put on the bumper of the car to make noise and call attention to the happy newlyweds.

Here are lots of fun ideas for you from the Penske team…

  • Using streamers to decorate the wedding car is cheap and easy.
  • Toilet paper is even cheaper, but less colorful.
  • Window Markers or Liquid Chalk or Glass Markers. These are great to use for writing messages on the car’s windows. (Note: shoe polish is okay, but it needs to be removed right away. Bar soap isn’t quite noticeable enough. Shaving cream can be messy.)
  • You could even use painter’s tape. Try to use white tape and write large making it easy and clear for people to read from a distance.
  • License Plates or License Plate Frames. This is a fun way to decorate the wedding car that results in a permanent memento for the couple. There are “Just Married” license plates available in novelty stores or online. Some can even be engraved with the couple’s names and the date of their wedding.
  • Balloons add a fun touch to the wedding car.
  • Using fresh or silk flowers to decorate the wedding car.
  • Using ribbons will give the wedding car an elegant, classy feel.
  • Window clings are a great way to decorate the wedding car with a sophisticated style.
  • Create signs on your computer or by hand saying “Newlyweds On Board” or “Just Married or “Honk! We’re Married.”
  • Spray silly string is a quick way to add some creativity (or mess) to the wedding car.

When you’re done, step back and evaluate your work also please play show and tell and send the Penske team a picture of your handy work. Remember to make sure that the driver will be able to see well enough to drive.

Side note please be aware that products like shaving cream can damage the cars paint. Avoid that if possible especially if the couple will be in a rented limousine.

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