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Formula 1 racing is coming to the East Coast!  After several attempts to get a F1 race in the New York City area, officials have finally confirmed that the “Grand Prix of America” will run in New Jersey in 2013.

The 3.2m street circuit will run through West New York and Weehawken.  Although not actually in the heart of NYC, the Manhattan skyline will feature as a backdrop to the race, and participants will drive along the bank of the Hudson River.  Designed by Herman Tilke, the track will include Port Imperial, which is the ferry terminal on the Hudson River.


If you take a look at the map above, you can see the circuit outlined in red.  Cutting across the map is the Hudson River, and to the right you can see the southwest corner of Central Park in Manhattan, NY.


New Jersey state governor Chris Christie said, “The race will be run on existing roads through Port Imperial and at the top of the Palisades.  People from the whole world will come to New Jersey to see this unique and exciting course.”


This is the second F1 Grand Prix race in the United States.  The other, the Circuit of the Americas, will run in Austin, Texas.  The most recent Formula 1 race in the Untied States ran at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway from 2000 to 2007.  The new track is said to be similar to Spa, but feel similar to Monaco.


The 2012 F1 schedule currently includes 20 races and will open March 18 in Australia and end November 25 in Brazil.


Any Formula 1 fans might find New Jersey close enough to Ohio to warrant a trip out in 2013.  Just remember, if you plan on driving to watch the race, don’t be a racer yourself.

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