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Volvo designers have offered an insight into Volvo’s new touchscreen system. With plenty of pictures to demonstrate the abilities of the touchscreens, their post highlights some of the features and goals of the touchscreen.

Their main inspiration was the smart phone, and in Volvo cars they hope to replace buttons and levers completely with the touchscreen technology. They said some buttons and knobs may have a physical button – like the volume – but even those may mainly act as decoration.

There will be two touchscreens, one in the front center console for the driver, and one in the back for passengers. The screens will be able to communicate to each other by passing information along a light strip running from the front to the back.

Features included on the touch screen, which will be available on both screens, include entertainment, comfort, safety, playlists, etc. Drivers can get as many apps as they want, and can already choose from 6-7 Volvo apps.

To keep the driver’s hands on the wheel, there are touch-sensitive, translucent paddles that control the menus in the instrument cluster. A built-in camera also monitors eye movement so that when the driver looks at the touchscreen, it will light up, and as the driver reaches to use the screen, it will change to provide the controls the driver needs.

Volvo aims to keep the technology sophisticated, yet intuitive. However, some might prefer more traditional knobs and buttons because you can use them without looking. A flat screen, on the other hand, requires you to take your eyes off the road and onto the screen.

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