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A recent study has just shown that driving with your dog can be as dangerous as texting while driving.  The new menace – the78 million dogs in 46 million U.S. households are causing an astounding number of car accidents every year.

American Automobile Association (AAA) and pet-supply company Kurgo just released information claiming that 52 percent of dog owners take their hands off the steering wheel to pet their canine companions while driving. 23 percent of owners use their hands to keep their dog in place while braking, and 19 percent admit to using their hands and arms to keep their pooch from clambering into the front seat.

This equals a lot going on. Survey takers also mentioned that while driving they reach into the back seat to play with their dog, let the dog sit on their lap in the driver’s seat, feed their dogs treats and/ taken photos of their dogs whilst in the car.

Penske Automotive Group realizes that sometimes you have to multi-task and your dog needs to come in the car with you. In these instances we recommend using a pet-restraint system while driving. An 80-pound dog unrestrained during a crash at 30 mph exerts 2,400 pounds of force in a vehicle, creating a danger for the dog and anyone in its path.  Plus, police experience indicates that dogs inside wrecked vehicles often become territorial and protective of their owners and hinder police and emergency-responders efforts.

Taking your eyes off the road for even two seconds can double a driver’s risk of having a car accident. Please keep your animal in the back seat and your hands and eyes on the road while driving.

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