Drive Topless in Puerto Rico with the Fiat 500

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Convertible cars don’t really need a reason to be driven, but can you think of anything better driving the new Fiat 500 Cabrio from Fiat de Ponce or Fiat del Oeste in Puerto Rico.   With Chrysler owning Fiat that means this small, smart, convertibles is once again on the American soil again after 28 year absence. Penske Automotive Group is please to be selling them and in such a perfect market – Puerto Rico.

The 2012 Fiat 500 Cabrio has a huge following in Europe and now in the U.S. Both dealers in Puerto Rico are convinced that surprises come in small packages.  Critics agree; the Fiat 500 gained tons of praise when recently unveiled in California and was recently voted the ”Best Small Convertible of the Year” at the Southern Automotive Media Association Convertible Drive in Miami.

Wide open, the 500C is a joy to drive. The open-air seating gives each passenger a little extra room to move around. The 500 takes up just 139.6 inches by 64.1 inches, which is less space than almost every other new vehicle on the road today and perfect for those fitting in tight urban parking spaces. The cute hatchback is meant to inject a bit of personality into the small-car experience while providing excellent 38 mpg on the highway. With seating for four and 9.5 cubic feet of luggage space, it’s far more commodious than the Smart. With a petite waistline and sharp turning radius this mean drivers will not be playing bumper cars while parking around the island of Puerto Rico.

Inside, the leather seats and cacophony of dials and buttons also suggest that a designer was throwing out the rulebook. You can even connect your iPhone threw a USB port in the glove box. The vehicle is fun to drive, but provides a good highway experience as well; there’s none of the typical rattling on small cars, and taking a corner at 65 does not make you want to slow down. Fiat 500C Lounge Cabrio, priced at $22,495 fully loaded.

In terms of safety, the 500C has received stellar marks in crash testing. There are seven airbags and an electronic stability control system that reduces the likelihood of a roll.

At the moment Penske Automotive Group is only selling Fiat in Puerto Rico, but let’s be honest can you think of anything better – sun, sand, turquoise water and cruising around with the top down in a Fiat 500.  Maybe it is time to pick up and move to Puerto Rico, it could be worse.

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