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We at Penske Automotive Group know you enjoy seeing the cars in our lots and showrooms all primed to be driven off the lot but as always we want to make you an informed buyer of the brand. We are thrilled to show you the behind the scenes assembly of Suzuki products before they come to our Triangle Honda Suzuki store in Ponce, PR.

Take some time and watch this video-

We hope you will be as interested in product development, manufacturing, safety and green efforts as we are.

When you check out the footage you will be amazed by:

  • Being surrounded by giant conveyors that lift car bodies into place for automated welding by computer-controlled robots.
  • The marriage of engines and car bodies (with a cluster of automatic bolt-drivers rising up to lock the engines into place).
  • Cars move along the line, assembly teams ride with them on a moving belt instead of trying to walk and perform assembly tasks at the same time.
  • Conveyors and other devices position car bodies at the most comfortable level for each task.
  • The plant is cleaner and better lit than many people’s kitchens, and there’s less noise than you’d expect.

It is a truly great experience- it makes us at Penske Automotive Group and Triangle Suzuki proud to sell, service, own and drive Suzukis.

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