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If you build it, they will come. Model cities, dinosaurs, people, anything you can imagine made out of millions of colorful brick Lego blocks.  If you’re dazzled by the ability to put blocks together to create giant dragons, miniature Star Wars replicas, or a 10 foot tall Empire State Building, Legoland will delight you.

And if your children are dreaming of getting behind the wheel, then Volvo Driving School is just for you. Parents your child no longer needs to be 16 to get a driver’s license.  Thanks to the Legoland Volvo Driving School everyone can learn about signaling, turning, stopping and going from the comfort of a Lego vehicle.  Here, kids get to drive cars that are not connected to an electronic track but use real gas and brake pedals to maneuver through Legoland town.

Kids can strap on their seatbelt and from the driver’s seat, rev engine and their off. The driving attraction is an urban streetscape full of pedestrians, shops and traffic signals in which the kids are actually in control of the course and in which they are also responsible for stopping at traffic lights and stop signs. Please note that kids are not allowed to do any kind of wreckless driving on the course.

If you need an activity this weekend for the kids Legoland is an excellent option.   Jump in your Penske vehicle and head for Legoland California or Legoland Florida.   And adults if you think your kids look good behind the wheel of a Volvo, we bet you would to.

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