Create-A-Ride, Adding Customization to Your Vehicle

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Doesn’t matter where you are you will always find young drivers showing off tricked-out rides.  Ever wondered what does it take?

Whether you’re trying to restore a vintage Mustang or totally redesigning a newer model, turning an ordinary car into a tricked out speed machine can be both rewarding and a bit frustrating.  Here are a few tips on how to successfully morph your Penske vehicle.

Do Your Homework
Even if you think you are an expert after watching MTV’s Pimp My Ride or The Fast and the Furious make sure you do some research before making adjustments to your modern or vintage car. Check what kind of parts the car will need and where to get them. Also realize modifications can be expensive so make sure your wallet is ready.

Learn the Law of the Land
Spend some time finding out what your local area and state’s vehicle codes are before making changes.  A driver can put in a lot of work, money and energy into restoring a car and it would be a shame if they couldn’t drive it.  Also, make sure the insurance company has been notified about the project.  Consider taking pictures as you go through modifications so insurance has complete records if you ever have to make a claim

Don’t Get Carried Away
The whole point of restoring a car is to give it an attractive look and more horsepower, right?  Well drivers beware, law enforcement will be watching very closely for any speeders so follow the speed limit.

Appearance is Everything
Depending what you want the end result to be there are many ways to modify the look.  Popular options consist of color, body kits, decals, graphics and raising or lowering vehicle position.  Think through what you want the end result to be.  There is a certain order to make these modifications so consult several sources before jumping into the project.

Pimp Your Ride
So, whether it’s time to restore an old Pontiac or take a new BMW to new performance heights, a driver must know his options and be aware of local authorities.  A lot of work and even more money will go into the task of restoring a vehicle, but knowing the car and knowing drivers’ rights will make the process go a lot smoother.

So are you ready to take that next step and trick out your ride?

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