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What’s it like to work at Penske Automotive Group? We hear this question a lot and the answer is pretty simple.  It’s like working with friends. For one thing, the people who work here aren’t “employees” –their partners in one of the most successful auto groups in the country.  The Penske team is passionate and share in the common goal of mutual success.   We’re dedicated to following a strong moral/ethical compass, giving back to the community and excelling in the automotive industry.

A PAG Career is a journey that starts with learning about the ins and outs of the auto industry and then jumping in and helping this business grow and thrive. We’re excited that you want to explore furthering your career here. We think Penske Automotive Group is a great place to work and are committed to making your job search fun and painless.

As a part of your job search, take a look at our newest resource Join in, actively participate in our discussions and learn all about working at Penske and furthering your career.

PAG Careers is the perfect spot for students graduating, job seekers looking to jump into the auto industry or members of the Penske Team looking to advance PAG Careers.

In addition, check out the valuable resources below and make sure to check out Penske Community every Tuesday morning for Career Tip of the Week.

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