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Ariozonans, Californians, Georgians, Minnesotans, New Jerseyans, Rhode Islanders and Texans know Penske BMW, but CNBC is premiering an hour-long documentary on the parent company. Mark your calendars, tomorrow Wednesday, July 13 starting at 9 p.m. EST.  The brand behind scenes documentary is called ” BMW: A Driving Obsession.” The program is an in depth story behind a once small, struggling company to a forerunner in global car luxury. The four featured highlights will take looks at BMW World, art cars, the BMW tech center and Rolls-Royce.

CNBC documents an inside one of the most successfully managed brands and companies in the world – BMW. Its familiar blue and white logo stands as the symbol of prestigious, high-performance, luxury cars. A one-time aircraft engine manufacturer that eventually moved to motorcycles and offbeat sports sedans, BMW today commands brand recognition and respect that is the envy of the commercial world.

CNBC Correspondent Carl Quintanilla takes viewers inside BMW’s secretive Tech Center, where teams of engineers obsess over the technical and mechanical details that the company says justify its cars’ high prices. Acoustic specialists consider every sound in the car, from the exhaust note to the window motors; ergonomic engineers labor over the stunningly complex mechanical labyrinth that is a modern seat; and crash specialists deliberately wreck a parade of high-dollar vehicles to improve safety.

BMW is a company enjoying success, but also facing significant challenges. Growing environmental and political pressures are making it increasingly tough to market high-performance cars, but BMW is staking its future on its ability to build vehicles that are both sustainable and fun.

The program gets four airings, but you can get previews highlights now:

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