Bobby Fecteau

Through their continued support of Paralyzed Veterans of America, Penske Automotive Group was given the opportunity to attend this year’s National Veterans Wheelchair Games and catch up with five-time competitor, Army Sergeant Robert “Bobby” Fecteau II.

After a harrowing adventure race accident left him an incomplete tetraplegic in 2010, Fecteau turned to the Wheelchair Games to help him through his rehabilitation and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

“I came along because it was part of the process,” he said. “I overheard the therapist talking to the guy next to me and going through the list of his interests. Once she got to me, I said, ‘Yep. I’m interested in everything.’”

5-years later it was the same story, with Fecteau competing in 9-ball, bowling, rugby, bocce ball, table tennis, and even this year’s special event, olympic bobsledding. Veterans up to the task had the opportunity to go down the same bobsled track olympians went down in the 2002 Winter Olympics, reaching speeds upwards of 80 miles per hour.

Since his injury, Fecteau’s successes haven’t just been limited to the sporting arena; also, completing his MBA in Healthcare, working as healthcare business analyst for Leidos, and finding the time to mentor and motivate others like him. This year, convincing his good friend, Jesse Grahm, to join him and compete in the Games.

“My two daughters inspire me and keep me successful,” said Fecteau. “You can’t only be good at sports, you have to be good at life too.”

Fecteau’s energy and determination was contagious and we could easily see how he has been such an inspiration to so many people.

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