Career Tip of the Week: The Power of the Post Interview Thank You Note

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1. Spend the time to customized personal notes to each person with whom you interviewed. Also tailor the note to significant topics you touched upon in the interview as well as focus on issued most significantly important to interviewer and company as a whole.

2. Reinforce points addressed in the interview. Chances are with today’s economy you are one of many candidates so make sure you stand out from the competition. Emphasize the important points of your background, as they relate to the company and the specific position for which you are applying.

3. Don’t be afraid to address specific challenges or problems that may have surfaced during the interview. If the hiring manager shared some of the challenges or problems facing his organization, relate how your experience fills their needs, and reiterate the skills you have to help them solve these problems.

4. Communicate new information. Everyone walks out of an interview at one time or another realizing there was something really important about their background or qualifications that wasn’t covered during the initial discussion. A thank you is the perfect time to address these achievements, experiences and project highlights if you find yourself in this circumstance.

5. A thank you also serves as a great opportunity to respond to objects that arose during the interview. Use the thank-you letter to explain how you previously experience will lead you to be successful in this position.

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