Career Tip of the Week: Salary Negotiation

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Why do employers ask? They want to be sure that salaries match realistically. Do your expectations fall within the salary for the position?They want to manage your expectations and not waste your time or theirs.

Here are examples of possible responses. You might consider one of these and adapt it to your situation. These are simply guidelines to frame your own response.

  • “I’m sure that salary won’t be a problem.”
  • “Could we talk about the job responsibilities first? Salary is only one part of the total compensation package”
  • “I am confident that you are paying competitive salaries” • Give a range, a wide range. For example, $60k-$80k
  • Respond by providing your salary history. “My salary history spans from low $40s to high $40s.”

Know your market value but also do some salary research. Understanding industry salary trends is a helpful resource. Don’t assume because of the recession companies have limited funds. If the company can’t match your salary requirements don’t forget about extra vacation time, and tuition reimbursement if you’re interested in more formal education.

Also avoid asking about the salary on the first interview it sometimes leaves the interviewer with the wrong impression that you are more interested in compensation than the opportunity.

However, if the topic of salary hasn’t come up by the end of your second interview, ask the question. “Should we synch up on compensation now, to make sure we’re in the same ballpark?” If the recruiter doesn’t know the salary info, ask him or her to have the hiring manager reach you. No sense in wasting everyone’s time if the pay isn’t going to meet your standards.

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