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If you’re a little on the short side, you probably know how hard it can be to find the right car.  Alternatively, car shopping can be just as frustrating for someone tall.  Whether you’re struggling to peer over the steering wheel or struggling to squeeze into a small vehicle, car shopping can be frustrating and difficult.

In recent years, auto manufacturers have been trying to keep short and tall drivers in mind when designing cars, and there are more options out there than their used to be.

Here are some of the best cars for short and tall drivers:

Best Cars for Short Drivers

1. Honda Accord EX-L

2. Honda Odyssey EX-L

3. Acura MDX

4. Nissan Maxima

5. Subaru Forester


Best Cars for Tall Drivers

1. Honda Accord EX-L

2. Honda Odyssey EX-L

3. Ford Flex Limited

4. Volvo S80

5. Volvo XC70


You’ll notice that both the Accord and Odyssey show up on each list, making them great choices for families with tall and short drivers.  What makes these vehicles so ideal for these drivers are their many customizable features and adjustments.  For short drivers, the Forester and Accord both have clear visibility and adjustable seats.  The Accord has a telescoping steering wheel, which can be used for short and tall drivers.


If these cars don’t quite fit your style, consider the following things when shopping for your new vehicle.


Tips for Short Drivers:

–       Make sure you can see over the dashboard and steering wheel, and check your sightlines out the passenger and back windows.

–       Make sure you can reach the foot pedals while sitting comfortably in your chair.

–       The steering wheel should be at least 10 inches away to protect you in case the air bag deploys

–       Check the height of the vehicle – is it easy to climb into?

–       Check the trunk and make sure you can reach it to close it


Tips for Tall Drivers:

–       Sit in the vehicle to see if you have adequate leg and head room

–       Make sure you can enter and exit the car comfortably

–       Check the seat height adjustment

–       Check the pedals to make sure they are not too close together for your feet

–       Avoid cars with sun roofs, as they can take up extra head room


When you stop by for a visit, don’t be afraid to ask one of our helpful representatives at Penske Automotive for advice about what car would be best for you, and what your features or options would be available.  Finding the right car is about comfort and safety.




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