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Finding affordable car insurance young person (person under age of 25) is not an easy task, because auto insurers usually charge higher car insurance premiums for younger, less experienced drivers. There are steps you can take, however, to get cheap car insurance without giving up great coverage, including breakdown cover.

Drive Responsibly

The simplest way for a young person to get cheaper car insurance is to maintain a clean driving record. Avoiding tickets, driving under influence, follow speed limits and accidents proves to the auto insurer that you are a good risk; they will reward you by issuing you a cheaper car insurance premium.

Drive a Safe Vehicle

The type of vehicle you drive affects the cost of your insurance premium. Expensive cars usually cost more to insure because they have costly parts and expensive repair bills. For this reason you should consider a second hand vehicle.

Enroll in a Driving Class

Insurance providers look kindly upon drivers taking a defensive driving or driving safety class. You can usually register for these classes at your local high school or community school.

Car Insurance Discounts

There are many types of car insurance discounts to ask for, such as the good student discount and the low-mileage discount. Research these options when looking at service providers.

Remain on Your Parents’ Policy

If your parents will allow it, be a secondary driver on their insurance policy. Most insurers offer lower rates for young drivers who remain on their parents’ insurance policy.

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