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These days science and technology-oriented advancements are paving the way for the future…is it in a good or way way? 

General Motors’ popular service OnStar,prior to the change,  would only collect your data under limited circumstances, such as if you were in an accident or if your vehicle was reported stolen. This was one of the reasons OnStar is so great.

Does the new terms and conditions give OnStar the contractual right to, “share or sell any anonymized data (including location, speed, and safety belt usage) with third parties for any purpose, which may prove useful for such things as research relating to public safety or traffic services?” As John Quain, of the New York Times’ Wheels blog notes, “the open-ended language in the terms suggests that OnStar could, without reproach, sell the information to local governments, to companies offering location-based services and to marketers interested in directing messages to specific groups of drivers.”

What do you think? Will it come a point in the future of automotive information systems to collect and report all data?

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